Health Services

Health is the greatest gift. Health spending is an investment, not an expense. Fit and strong people are an asset to the society. Improving the health of its citizens is the prime responsibility of a government among many others in the fight against poverty. Everyone should have access to the health services without being forced into poverty while paying for them.

Unfortunately, developing countries do not have proper health infrastructure which has resulted in poor health and less life expectancy of their citizens. life expectancy in Pakistan is 66.38 years, Afghanistan 60.72, Bangladesh 72.00, India 68.35 and African countries’ average is 62.75 while Australia’s life expectancy is 82.45 years.

The poorest countries, with impoverished populations and many untrained and unregulated providers, face the biggest obstacles, especially given their weak public sectors. Poor people spend a greater proportion of their income on health care (private or public) than do the rich, often using less qualified or totally untrained private providers.

Poverty and poor health are inextricably linked. Poverty is both a cause and a consequence of poor health. Poverty increases the chances of poor health. Poor health, in turn, traps communities in poverty. Infectious and neglected tropical diseases kill and weaken millions of the poorest and most vulnerable people each year.


Crescent Relief: Health Services

We believe demand for health care is only going to grow in the developing countries. While NGOs are actively engaged in building the infrastructure, It is necessary to help the poor for day to day health problems.

Free Medicine: While Health check-up is free in Government hospitals but many patients are not able to buy the medicine due to their financial problems. The daily cost of the medicine for common illnesses is only one dollar approximately.

Wheel Chair: 90 Dollars is the little amount for us but a dream for physically challenged people. Your little gift can change their life entirely. It could be a start of their independent financial life. Gift a wheelchair, let them see the world.

  • Medicine For 10 patients = $10

  • Free Medcal Camp Cost = $700

  • Ambulance Cost = $20,000

  • Medical Centre Cost = $200,000

  • Zakat Eligibal

  • Sadaqa e Jaria

  • Gift For Deceased

  • Monthly Payments