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Crescent Relief

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At Crescent Relief, we believe in the power of compassion and generosity to make a real difference in the lives of others. As a non-profit organization, we are committed to improving the health, education, livelihood, and access to clean water for all people.Through donations, Zakat and Sadaqah, we are able to create a brighter future for the most vulnerable among us, bringing hope and dignity to their life. Join us in making a difference.

We Are Running One Of The Best

Orphan Care Program

We are proud to say that we are running one of the best orphan care programs in the world. You can sponsor an orphan through sadaqa and zakat. Your sponsorship will provide him/her food, education, health and a bright future. You will also get the quarterly reports about the progress and wellbeing of the orphan.


Monthly Ration For Poor

Contrary to popular belief, food shortages and malnutrition aren’t limited to Africa. Many families in developing countries can’t afford even one daily meal. Your donations can provide essential groceries to these families in need, making a real difference in their lives. Join us in alleviating poverty and offering hope today.


We Have Build 100s of Water Wells.

We have built 100s of water wells and community water hand pumps in all over Pakistan. Our focus areas are  the desert of Thar, Dadu, Chulistan and DG  Khan. The cost of a well can vary depending on the depth of the well and ground (hard or soft). Access to clean water is basic human right but unfortunately some three in ten people around the world lack access to safe and readily available water at home, and almost six in ten to safely managed sanitation.

Create a Donor Account: Monitor the Performance of Your Investment

Welcome to the Donor Portal, where compassion meets technology in perfect harmony. Through innovative solutions, we directly impact the most vulnerable. Whether you choose to sponsor orphans or specific projects, your generosity creates a lasting difference. Stay connected with your sponsored beneficiaries and projects through our donor portal, receiving regular updates and insights. Moreover, monitor the performance of your donations, ensuring your impact is maximized. Your dedication resonates in the lives you transform and the positive change you bring.

Transitioning from a donor to a volunteer: Embrace the Role

Crescent Relief operates with the dedication of volunteers. Become part of the team and serve the underprivileged.