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Crescent Relief

BSB: 062334   Acc#: 11507989

Being a non profit organisation, Crescent Relief is committed to service of humanity to contribute towards their well-being of health, education, livelihood, availability of clean water and other aspects of life. Through your Sadaqah, Zakat and donations, we are able to run a unique and one of the best orphan care program.

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    Crescent Relief BSB: 062334   Acc#: 11507989

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Crescent Campaigns

Palestine Medical Aid Appeal

$3,840 of $10,000 raised
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Donation Total: $50.00

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Ration For Covid affected families in Pakistan

$45,577 of $50,000 raised
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Water Well Campaign

$35,643 of $35,000 raised
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Donation Total: $925.00

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Orphan Care Program

“Orphan Care is the main focus of Crescent Relief. It is not just about providing financial help to the family of the orphan. Our main objective is transforming the child into a successful individual of society. We focus especially on character building. ”

Sponsor An Orphan Today

We are proud to say that we are running one of the best orphan care programs in the world. You can sponsor an orphan through sadaqa and zakat. Your sponsorship will provide him/her food, education, health and a bright future. You will also get the quarterly reports about the progress and wellbeing of the orphan.

Financial SupportUniform & ShoesSchool SuppliesLeadership ActivitiesDine at RestaurantsEducational Tours

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We are providing different level scholarships to the needy and intelligent students who cannot afford an education otherwise. A great way to pay back to your motherland. Sponsor a student and change his/her future forever.

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Sponsor A Teacher

There are people who are teaching children free of charge in poor communities without any external help. Your sponsorship will acknowledge their efforts and provide them with the necessary resources to make a real impact.

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Bread & Beyond

Viscious cycle of poverty is causing many other social ills. there are many families who cannot afford to have a proper meal even once a day. With just $22, you can provide much-needed groceries.

$22 Monthly


We have many health projects you can be part of. Find out the health facts and how can you help us establish a health service in your home town which could be named after your Parents.

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Living overseas and achieving your dreams is a beautiful experience. All the while Love & Passion for your Motherland is natural and you always want to serve and payback to your motherland. Find out how can you serve best your motherland while living overseas!


Become City Ambassador

Help us to support the cause by introducing Crescent Relief to your social circle. Aim is to reach maximum people to raise awareness and introduce them to our projects and get them involved.

Be A Voice of the Poor

Our City Ambassadors play a vital role in representing Crescent Relief at community events and functions, speaking about our work and the importance of the funds to carry on the charity works.

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One Man Charity

You have a land and you need help to build a school as Sadaqa e Jaria for your deceased parents? Or perhaps you want to provide the clean water basic necessity to the people back in your village? Let's work together to achieve your ambitions.

Start Your Own Project ! We Will Help You

Have you ever thought of starting a charity project? If yes then it is time to achieve your dreams. You just need to take the initiative, Our team will facilitate you and provide you with all necessary resources.

Program Details & Case Studies

Tour Overseas & Serve People

This program provides volunteers with an opportunity to serving directly the orphans and other beneficiaries of our programs and working with some of the most dedicated relief workers. Make your tour worthwhile.

You and Your Skills for Humanity

Whether you are a Teacher, Doctor or Counselor or working in any other profession, we need whatever time you have. Let’s serve humanity together.

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