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Housing For Widows

Most victims of recent flash floods in Pakistan are the poor, and particularly women and children. Among women, widows are many times more vulnerable as there is no male partner to take care of the ​matters in these emergency situations. Unfortunately Widows are generally the poorest of the poor and least protected and taken care of in the low socioeconomic areas. A widow has three children on average and most of the time they all are deprived of basic necessities of life. Usually these children drop out of school in the early grades.

​It has been observed that widows do not receive much assistance from the government or NGOs because they cannot compete with men when ration or other relief items are being distributed. Challenges for ​widows​ continue well into the aftermath of the floods, as many women and young girls are at a high risk of sexual abuse, and harassment even in temporary camps. Living out of their protected environment makes them easy prey for the people with bad intent.

Previously Crescent Relief has done surveys in the flood affected areas of Dera Ismael Khan and registered the widows whose houses were completely destroyed by the floods. Now we have started the building of the houses. We are building a one room house for a small family and a two room house for a bigger family.

We encourage everyone to build a minimum one house for a widow. If you feel overburdened financially at the moment then you can pay the donation in 6 instalments. 

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Please remember in your prayers all those who are working day and night to help others in this record-breaking disaster.