About Me

My name is Taraiz Khan. I am a Cyber Security professional, having master’s degree in Information Systems Security from Macquarie University, Sydney. I arrived in Australia from Pakistan back in 2005 and married with three children. I enjoy my time with family and friends and middle eastern food.

I have been an active member of community and charity organizations in Australia. I have a passion to help people who are in need to get education and quality life around the world. I am excited to become part of Crescent Relief and looking forward to contributing towards the betterment of the humanity.

In 2015, while I was visiting Pakistan, I was invited by Br Imran Umer to attend a leadership program, which was attended by 450 orphans in Lahore. There were speech competitions, quiz and tablos presented by orphan children. I was amazed to see how Alkhidmat and Crescent Relief are inculcating the leadership skills in the children and preparing them for the bright future.

I am pleased to join the Crescent Relief and looking forward to working with my family and friends as part of One Man Charity program to help improve the livelihoods, health and education of those living with poverty. I would like to request my family and friends to join me in this noble cause. JazakaAllah”.

One Man Charity

A One Man Project

My Charity

Being charitable and providing for the needy are important features of the Muslim character. I have been working for charitable causes on and off. I had always wished to form my own charity to serve the people on the permanent basis. but it is not an easy task.
I am fortunate that Crescent Relief offered me to run my own projects under their “One Man Charity” program. Alhamdulillah now I am able to direct all my energies towards raising funds and providing the much-needed help to the destitute people. It is just like running your own charity without being a formal charity. Crescent Relief team is always there to facilitate me from designing the Facebook campaigns to deliver the services to the orphans and their families.

I have set myself a challenge below. Once achieved, I will keep increasing it inshaAllah.

My Current Targets

Orphan Sponsorships
Student Scholarships
Monthly Ration Packs

Be Part Of My Mission

My mission is to brighten the lives of orphans, poor students and their destituted families. If you become part of this cause then I am sure that we can do wonders together inshaAllah.