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Emergency Donation Appeal

Coronavirus situation in Australia has created a difficult financial situation for ​International students in Australia. There is an enormous chance that many students will lose their casual, part-time employment while others face reduced hours of work leading to a financial crisis. Others in isolation are facing enormous emotional, mental distress and hardship.
​There have been cases where the international students have been ​found sleeping in their cars because they could not afford the rent. Some students left the studies and returned to their homeland because they could not keep up with the hard and ever-demanding situation. Crescent Relief has already received applications for financial assistance from international students. 
​Crescent Relief is launching the International Students Financial Assistance Project ​to help those students who need assistance in this situation. ​We have established a partnership with ​community leaders and international students. 
​Most of us can easily relate to the student’s tough lifestyle and unfortunately the current environment has made us even tougher. We would like to request ​everyone to support ​international​ students who are looking for desperate & urgent financial help by participating in this fundraising ​campaign.

Financial Assistance Application Form

If you are feeling financial stress and want to apply for assistance, Please fill up the form below.

Post A Job For An International Student

Here you can post jobs for international student. It would be a great support if a student gets a casual job because of your efforts.