Story Of A Suicidal Mother

“My father committed suicide because of unemployment and family disputes. Now my mother is also suicidal – she blames herself for the death of my father”
Those were the words of the 6th-grade student Nazia Ali – a Crescent Relief sponsored orphan – which shocked our team.
Nazia further told the team that her mother has totally withdrawn from the family and neighbours and spends most of her time crying in solitude.
Crescent Relief team immediately arranged a visit with Nazia’s mother, because we understand that neglecting suicide warning signs could cost a life.
The team met the wearied woman, with swollen eyes and poor health condition. She was Shehnaz Sarwar – wife of Tahir Ali, who committed suicide a few months ago. Shenaz told the team that she thinks that her frequent arguments with Tahir made him commit suicide. Because of the dark thoughts of self- blaming, Shehnaz didn’t want to live anymore.
Crescent Relief team promptly identified that Shehnaz has been facing mental health issue – possibly depression- caused by the trauma she had been through.
It took some time to the team to convince Shehnaz to accept professional help. Crescent Relief team arranged counselling sessions for Shehnaz with a qualified psychologist. Shenaz showed improvement in her mental health and began to take an interest in life again. Now she wants to get back on her feet by establishing a small business of her own, for which she is trying to get a small loan. Crescent relief is helping her through each and every step.
A simple visit, timely diagnosis and sincere efforts of Crescent Relief team and our donors, saved Shehnaz’ life. Now she wants to move on and support her children by working from home.
This is one of those hundreds of stories of the families whom crescent relief is working with. We not only care for the orphans but also help the family overcome the aftermath of the trauma they suffer from, by losing a father, husband or the breadwinner of the family.
All of that is made possible by your donations. This Ramadan, let’s raise awareness for the mental health issues, caused by loss and grief. Save another woman from committing suicide and save another child from losing their parent and childhood. Your donation can save lives.