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By the will of Allah SWT, through your strong support, we have met the target for the wedding fund of 3 orphan sisters. Alhamdolillah, our generous donors contributed more than AUD 3000 in less than 3 days. The amount raised so far is enough for the 3 orphan sisters to start their new lives. Any further donation given to this campaign would be allocated to Crescent Relief Orphan wedding fund.
We can see that by contributing as little as $5 we made a huge difference. Crescent Relief would be running similar campaigns on regular basis, where your generous donations would bring change to many lives, in dire need of help. Please contribute generously to those campaigns. No amount is too small – every dollar counts. Every dollar brings light to those who are plunged into darkness of hardships – whose only hope is YOU, by the will of Allah SWT.

Three orphan sisters are desperately waiting for your donations to get married. They don’t have a father or a brother to share their burden – they only have YOU – by the will of Allah SWT.

Their mother raised them despite being a widow. She took up sewing to earn bread for the family. She gave her daughters as much education as possible within her limited resources. Besides all, she consistently prayed to Allah SWT to provide good matches for the girls.

Her prayers have been answered – she has finally managed to get suitable proposals for all three of the girls. They are ready to get married but they don’t have money for wedding arrangements.

SHOW THE BRAVE MOTHER AND HER DAUGHTERS YOUR SUPPORT-DONATE NOW TO THEIR WEDDING FUND. Donate – even if you have the smallest of the amount. Every dollar counts!

If you help ease someone’s burden, Allah SWT will ease yours – that’s His promise!

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