One Man Charity is a unique volunteer program run by Crescent Relief that enables volunteers like you to run their own charities without the stress of creating and registering their own organizations. We give ownership and control to our volunteers and support them in their efforts in terms of management, both in Australia and overseas. Our goal is to help you achieve your dreams of changing the world, one kind act at a time.


Living in Australia, we are fortunate enough to live privileged lives. We have the resources and support needed to fulfil our ambitions and we have access to luxuries that many cannot even imagine. But while we may live in peace, we also know that a vast majority of the world does not have access to the basic necessities of life. The struggles and hardships that these people face on a daily basis is one that we can help change, but often we find that it is difficult to make a difference on our own. We all have a natural desire to help our brothers and sisters, and to see our people and country flourish—but how can we achieve this?


One Man Charity is the answer to your question. We believe in the power of teamwork and we know what is possible when a community comes together for a single purpose, which is why we designed our initiative around this concept. With One Man Charity, you can choose your own charity cause and begin fundraising for it, enlisting the help of your friends, family and community. Our organization will provide the resources you need for your project, including a page on our website and a balance with our bank account. Your donators will use a unique reference code to make deposits, which will be accumulated under your balance sheet. We update you on a quarterly basis on your progress, ensuring proper communication so that you can optimize your charity’s success.

Your Choice

  • Decide Which Charity Projects You Want To Do

  • Decide How, When and Where

  • You Decide The Beneficiaries

  • Visit Your Projects Overseas

  • Crescent Email Address For larger Projects

  • We Will Contribute Upto 40% To Your Projects.

Steps To Start

  • You Choose Your Charity Name

  • Decide Which Project(s) You Want To DO

  • A Web Page Will Be Created For Your Charity

  • Your Charity Will Be Given an ID & Bank Account

  • Start Raising Funds

  • We’ll Send You Quarterly financial Statement

  • We’ll Send You Quarterly Project Updates

One Man Charity also takes responsibility for reporting donations to the government and looking after your projects overseas. Through consultations and clear communication, we help connect your ideas with the people who can make them a reality. We are committed to your cause and believe in making the act of giving charity and fundraising a stress and hassle-free venture.

Common People Making Difference

This is how “One Man Charity” program enabling people like you to create a difference in the lives of people who are struggling to survive.

Case Study: Building A School

Brother Rehaan had long been planning to build a school in a rural village in Pakistan. He already owned a one-acre plot of land in the area but did not have access to the resources or people needed to build and run the educational facility. He knew he needed to find the right people to help his project, and that’s when he found the One Man Charity program. We took on his project and got in touch with a partner organization in Pakistan. Together, we fulfilled Rehaan’s desire to build the school and now the facility is being run by skilled staff and experienced teachers. Brother Rehaan named the school after his deceased father, and today the entire village is benefitting from his efforts.

Case Study: Supporting Orphans

Br. Iqbal was only three years old when he was orphaned along with his two sisters. It was a difficult life, and his mother worked tirelessly to provide for her family and give them a proper education. Now, Iqbal is successfully working as a senior consultant in a multinational IT company. He realized he wanted to provide for orphans the way his mother provided for him.
When Iqbal initially joined One Man Charity, his goal was to sponsor ten orphans. This target was achieved within its very first year running, with regular health and educational reports from Crescent Relief on the orphans he sponsored. Now, his goal is to double this number and to additionally provide 20 scholarships to outstanding primary students who might not otherwise be able to afford their fees. With One Man Charity, we have no doubts that Iqbal will achieve this soon.

Case Study: Rations for the Poor

Abdul Wahid and his wife Saima are a kind couple, always ready to help the poor and give back to the community. With the help of their friends and family, the two of them began a charity project where they provided monthly rations to 25 needy families in Karachi. The project was a huge success, and they knew they could potentially expand their group and help more people. Their friends and family encouraged them to establish a charity organization to create a platform for their noble cause, but it did not seem possible. Abdul Wahid was very busy, he did not have the time it takes to register and run an official charity. However, a friend told him about One Man Charity, and soon the couple had easily created a proper platform for their cause. On a monthly basis, their program now provides rations to 130 families, more than five times their original number. Their charity program is flourishing, and with Crescent Relief, donators rest assured with the knowledge that their donations can now be claimed back during tax returns.