About Me

My name is Husna Ahsan. Since 2009, I have been living in Australia with my husband and three children. Our family was happy, and we realised we can spread our happiness further. A while back, my husband and I were approached by brother Imran Umer, and he suggested the idea of sponsoring orphans. The idea appealed to us– after all, if we could raise three children of our own, what was stopping us from providing for three other children, helping them access necessary opportunities and facilities that we take for granted? Together, my husband and I began sponsoring these orphans and over time, we felt as if they had became part of our family. The sponsorship program gives us important information about them and provided us with photos and updates, creating a link between ourselves and the children.

To be honest, I am delighted with the decision we made and when brother Imran Umer came to us again to ask us to take part in the One Man Charity program, I felt as though my dreams and prayers had been answered. I have always wanted to benefit my homeland and its people in some way, and this program has allowed me to do that on a more significant level. Insha’Allah, it is my aim to invite all of my friends to join my cause and our goal is to sponsor as many orphans as we can. You can support my initiative by helping me raise awareness about this issue and fundraising so that we can help more struggling children.
Details: One Man Charity