About Me

My name is Husna Ahsan. Since 2009, I have been living in Australia with my husband and three children. Our family was happy, and we realised we can spread our happiness further. A while back, my husband and I were approached by brother Imran Umer, and he suggested the idea of sponsoring orphans. The idea appealed to us– after all, if we could raise three children of our own, what was stopping us from providing for three other children, helping them access necessary opportunities and facilities that we take for granted? Together, my husband and I began sponsoring these orphans and over time, we felt as if they had became part of our family. The sponsorship program gives us important information about them and provided us with photos and updates, creating a link between ourselves and the children.

To be honest, I am delighted with the decision we made and when brother Imran Umer came to us again to ask us to take part in the One Man Charity program, I felt as though my dreams and prayers had been answered. I have always wanted to benefit my homeland and its people in some way, and this program has allowed me to do that on a more significant level. Insha’Allah, it is my aim to invite all of my friends to join my cause and our goal is to sponsor as many orphans as we can. You can support my initiative by helping me raise awareness about this issue and fundraising so that we can help more struggling children.
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A One Man Project

My Charity

Being charitable and providing for the needy are important features of the Muslim character. I have been working for charitable causes on and off. I had always wished to form my own charity to serve the people on the permanent basis. but it is not an easy task.
I am fortunate that Crescent Relief offered me to run my own projects under their “One Man Charity” program. Alhamdulillah now I am able to direct all my energies towards raising funds and providing the much-needed help to the destitute people. It is just like running your own charity without being a formal charity. Crescent Relief team is always there to facilitate me from designing the Facebook campaigns to deliver the services to the orphans and their families.

I have set myself a challenge below. Once achieved, I will keep increasing it inshaAllah.

My Targets

Orphan Sponsorships
Student Scholarships

Be Part Of My Mission

My mission is to brighten the lives of orphans, poor students and their destituted families. If you become part of this cause then I am sure that we can do wonders together inshaAllah.

Donate The Way That Suits You!

Donate To My Projects

When making a donation to any of my projects, Please do not forget to mention our “One Man Charity” reference number 221. Please confirm your donation after making the transaction at accounts@crescentrelief.org.au

 Your participation is more important than the donation. Your ownership of this cause is much more effective than your donorship. I am sure that every Pakistani living in Australia can sponsor minimum one orphan and start his own “One Man Charity” project with the help of his friends. My aim is to attach all my friends to this cause.

Monthly donations are very important to maintaining consistency. Choose the amount you want to contribute on regular basis and know that with steady financial monthly donations, we are going to make difference.

Transaction References    

| OrphanCare: OFSP221 | Primary Edu PES221 | Higher Edu HES221  | Ration221 |

Donate Online

Commonwealth Bank Australia
BSB:  062 334 Acc#: 11507989
Confirmation at accounts@crescentrelief.org.au

Commonwealth Bank Australia
BSB:  062 334 Acc#: 11507989
Confirmation at accounts@crescentrelief.org.au


As long as poverty, injustice & inequality persist, none of us can truly rest. It doesn’t take much to change a life, Get in touch today and start making the difference.