About Me

My name is Humayun Mustafa. My affiliation with Australia is since last few years, I have been in Pakistan and UK before and have been involved with philanthropy initiatives both on individual level as well as being associated with some of the reputable charitable organizations. It started these efforts with my grandfather, father and uncle who were too concerned about the people in their family and neighborhood. Their participation has been huge for the purpose. For me, here in Australia we got a platform to work on a similar but broader scale through Crescent Relief.

Allah swt has given us so much and its never too late to pay back to those who are more in need. It’s never too late and its already time to know our purpose of life also continuing the Sadqa not for ourselves but the Sadq-e-Jariya for our loved ones as well. I have seen life very closely in past few years in which ailing patients within our society and how difficult is to cope up with the running medical expenses.

Similarly in our motherland Pakistan, if the main earner of the family is no more then the situation for the family left behind for education and regular kitchen expenses is very difficult. There are a lot of people who need our help and payback to the land who has already contributed a lot in our life and career. There are many other areas as well where we can contribute which includes health, education, marriage and help during disasters.

One Man Charity