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Crescent Relief

BSB: 062334   Acc#: 11507989

Admin Account    BSB: 062334 Acc# 1152 5722

DGR-Status = 100% Tax-Deductible

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Orphan Sponsorship

We take pride in running one of the best orphan care programs. It does not take much to change a life forever.

PayPal One-Off Yearly Payment

If you want to sponsor more than one children then please select the number for the dropdown.

Select No. of orphans to Sponsor:
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Bread & Beyond


Sadaqah Removes Evil, Disasters, Sickness And Unfortunate Incidences!

Your Sadaqah will provide food to those families who struggle to have proper meals in their daily lives.

Student Scholarships

These need based scholarships are awarded to those students who cannot afford educaational expense.

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Water Wells

Donations Raised 70%

During the donation process, please ensure to enter the name of the person you would like to dedicate the well to in the designated field provided.

  • Desert Areas $545

  • Normal Areas $1745

  • Mountainous Areas $7545

  • BedRock Surface $9945

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