4 08, 2019

Sister Farisa Needs Help To Pay Hospital Bills

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Sister Farisa came to Australia on student visa. She was expacting baby so she decided to invite her mother, Mohsina Begum to visit Australia. Farisa was spending good time with her mother until one day, all of a sudden, Mohsina begum suffered from coughing and shortness of breath. Farisa took her to the hospital with the help of a neighbour. Mohisna Begum was diagnosed with Respiratory and heart failure. She had excessive fluid in her lungs [...]

15 10, 2018

Thar Desert: Donate for Water Well Campaign

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Emergency Donation Appeal The Tharparkar district has once again been facing a drought like situation. The severe lack of food, water, and medical facilities has been taking people’s lives. The children and women are the most vulnerable. Poverty, Malnourishment or medical problems associated with it will increase the number of death in the coming days. Preemptive measures must be taken to mitigate losses. The people in Tharparkar are fighting for their lives and we must act now to [...]

27 09, 2018

In The Footsteps of Arfa Kareem

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Iram Maqbool is an extraordinary student. She scored a whopping 1076 out of 1100 marks in Matric exams. This is not something you see every day. With the topmost score, Iram deserves to be placed in the topmost educational institute. This gem is forced to attend the ordinary local college because her parent cannot afford to pay fees and transport expenses for an otherwise good educational institute. With a little help, Irum could be a doctor, [...]

27 09, 2018

Get Him Back To University

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Faisal Mahmood is a brilliant student. He scored 875 in his F. Sc exam. Faisal’s father passed away and his younger sister has been sponsored by one of our generous sponsors. Faisal had always wanted to become an IT professional. His dreams came true and he received admission offer for BS IT from UMT Lahore. Despite poverty and lack of funds, Faisal accepted the offer and somehow paid for the first semester. He couldn’t pay [...]

24 09, 2018

Orphan Sisters’ Wedding Help

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By the will of Allah SWT, through your strong support, we have met the target for the wedding fund of 3 orphan sisters. Alhamdolillah, our generous donors contributed more than AUD 3000 in less than 3 days. The amount raised so far is enough for the 3 orphan sisters to start their new lives. Any further donation given to this campaign would be allocated to Crescent Relief Orphan wedding fund. We can see that [...]

24 09, 2018

The Breadwinner Is Paralysed

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Mustafa had a prestigious job as a marketing manager in a private firm, until, by the will of Allah SWT, he became paralysed 4 years ago. Mustafa is a father of three beautiful children, one boy and two girls, who still look up to him as a role model and a loving father. Aisha, the elder daughter, is a brilliant student. Against all odds, she managed to score 992 out of total 1100 marks in matric examination. [...]